About the GLRA


The Gun Lake Ratepayers Association is a non-profit society that serves the property owners of the Gun Lake Watershed.

The Mission Statement of the Society is as follows:

(a) to promote, support and protect the status, rights and best interests of each person holding a registered interest in the watershed,

(b) to promote the orderly development of the watershed as a natural residential recreational area,

(c) to secure improvements in the best interests of each person holding a registered interest in land in the watershed,

(d) to prevent damage to or interference with the purity of the waters of the Watershed as the source of domestic drinking water for the members of the Society.

(e) to preserve, continue, maintain and improve the ecological and environmental condition of the watershed,

(f) to co-operate with municipal government and other public bodies in the furtherance of the objects of the Society and benefits to the watershed,

(g) to concern itself with the performance as related to the watershed of municipal, provincial and federal governments and agencies thereof,

(h) to promote, develop and foster community spirit and good fellowship within the watershed and adjacent communities,

(i) as time and economics require or permit, facilitate the introduction, development or improvement throughout the watershed of highways, policing, zoning, communication systems, fire protection, sewage, water rights and distribution and any other appropriate elements of a municipal government system, and

(j) to join other societies or associations with similar purposes or purposes beneficial either to the Society or to it’s members.


To be a member you need to pay an annual $25 membership fee and hold a registered interest in land situated in the Watershed, or be the partner, spouse or child of the holder of registered interest in land situated in the Watershed.

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