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Boat Launch Committee Update June 2022

Below is an update on recent events from the BRVCA Gun Lake Boat Launch Committee:

“You may have noticed that finally the dangerous trees have been removed .We thank Sal Demare and Scott Holden for helping to make this happen. We can now rest easy in knowing that there is no longer a risk of those behemoth dead trees falling down on people that are using the Boat Launch . This was the first step in our long range plans, the next step is to get the go ahead from MOT to do a tidy up landscaping of the site . This would include a small retaining wall , a clear turnaround area for the Boats and trailers , some ditch work for drainage and some no parking signs posted. We also thank Andrea and Marty Van Loon for acquiring some “ WAKE WISE “ signs educating some of the larger wake boat operators to be aware there boats can cause damage if operated to close to private docks and beaches. BRVCA Boat launch Committee members will be installing these signs on both the north and south end Boat launches sites shortly.”  

David Carchesio, BRVCA Gun lake Boat launch Committee Chair